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About Dr.Jay

dr-jay-smlDr. Jay Buenafe is a well-known and respected physician in Manitoba with over 10 years practice in Family Medicine.

Welcome to   our clinic

The Buenafe Clinic specializes in a virtually painless circumcision procedure for Infants, Children, Teenagers and Adults. Dr. Jay provides these services to the Manitoba area at his clinic located at 930 Jefferson Avenue, Suite 203 in Winnipeg. As a circumcision doctor, he understands the concerns of parents to the welfare of their child, as well as those of men at all ages when considering or in need of a later life circumcision. This is why all procedures, including consultation, all happen at Dr. Jay’s personal clinic, providing a private and personalized experience for those involved.

Dr. Jay is happy to assist with any questions or concerns that you may have that are not listed on his website, available by phone, email or by booking an in-office consultation.